This is some cool stuff! Get inspired about boat lifts, canopies & curtains and start having fun on the water at your cabin.


Golden Deck Lift


Pier-Port Boat Canopies

1. Pier-Port Boat Canopies

There’s a new solution for protecting your boat from sun and rain, and it doesn’t involve wrestling with a cover. Pier-Port’s cantilevered boat canopies cover up to six watercraft and fit all floating and fixed docks.

Unlike most canopies, Pier-Port’s units do not require or attach to a boat lift. The frame can be left up year-round, while the canopy can be put up in the spring and stored in the fall.

2. Power Curtain

If you own a ShoreStation boat lift and canopy, you can add a Power Curtain to give your beloved, valuable boat even more protection from the sun and windblown debris. Two 12V DC motors, installed on opposite corners of your existing canopy frame, roll the Power Curtain up when you’re headed out for a boat ride.

3. Easy-Level System

When shopping for a boat lift, a key consideration is installation – an especially important factor if your cabin is in the Frostbelt, where you install the lift every spring and remove it in the fall. Floe lifts come with a patented Easy-Level system so you can easily level your lift’s legs with a cordless drill.

4. Golden Deck Lift

For those wanting easy, sure-footed access to their boats, the Golden Deck Lift may be worth considering. The boater simply motors between the guide posts, and then presses a button to raise the lift and nestle the boat or PWC securely between custom-fitted bunks. Water drains through the grated decking, and then the boater steps out of the boat and onto the deck, like exiting a car on a driveway.

5. Pontoon Lifts

Pontoons and tri-toons continue to increase in popularity, size and innovation. Every year sees models introduced that are larger and heavier, using high-performance tube designs that traditional boatlifts can’t accommodate.

ShoreStation’s specialized Pontoon Lifts handle the unique configurations of these cutting-edge vessels, and easily and reliably hoist them out of the water to keep them clean and in top condition. These lifts accommodate the heaviest of pontoons – up to 10,000 pounds – and and fit models up to 12-feet wide.