Cabin DIY: How to Make a Scarecrow

Make a scarecrow that is customizable so it can change with the seasons and take on a different personality.

Your Fall To-Do List: Print This Out + Follow Along!

Print out this PDF and follow along on our Instagram for your daily #cabinchecklist reminders.

The Right PWC for You

How to choose the best craft for your cabin.
By Jeff Hemmel

Whether it’s a way to explore your surroundings, relax and play on the weekend or another toy to add to your fleet, a personal watercraft (PWC) can be an excellent addition to any cabin on or near the water. How do you know which best […]

Washer Toss Game Set

This easy woodshop project will yield hours of family fun – here’s how to make your own washer toss game set!
By Dean Zuczynski

My memories of summers as a youngster at my grandparents’ cabin revolved around outdoor activities with family and friends. Everyone enjoyed fishing, swimming, canoeing, going on frog hunts, and making up games. I […]

Geocaching Adventures at the Cabin

Grab your GPS and head into the wild. Geocaching is fun – let the treasure hunt begin!

By Linda Kast

Depending on the weather, there are two things at the cabin I can’t get enough of: Being outside and solving a good puzzle. So when I was asked to write an article about geocaching and found out […]

DIY Project: Bag Toss Boards

Make your own set for fun at the cabin this summer.
Story by Dean Kuczynski
Photos by Julie Kuczynski

Tailgate Toss, Cornhole, Bean Bag Toss or simply Bags – this classic game goes by many names, and it’s great fun for anyone age 4 to 104. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own set of boards at […]

Gone Cycling at the Cabin

Spring has finally sprung and you can’t wait to hit the cabin for some R & R. But a great way to get some exercise while relaxing is by getting outside and riding a bicycle.

Cycling is gentler on your knees, hips and other joints than running or vigorous hiking, and like those activities, it gets you out […]

The Longest Mile to the Remote, Rustic Cabin

Some cabins are worth a grueling hike in deep snow.
Story & Photos by John DiGirolamo

Well, I don’t actually own a cabin. But, I love the mountain cabin lifestyle. Occasionally, my family and I enjoy cabin living by spending a few days at one of the Summit Huts in Breckenridge, Colo. These rustic cabins are not […]

Make Winter Fun

12 ideas for turning the stay-inside season into your best season at the cabin.
By Lucie B. Amundsen

Let’s start with the simplest to do.
Activity Level: Mellow

Take advantage of two of winter’s attributes, darkness and chilly weather, and enjoy a fire. Either in an outdoor fire pit or flames in your wood stove, cooking becomes an adventure […]

Water Fight!

Prologue We purchased our cabin 25 years ago. It was built in 1908, and the original owner named it Chipmunk Lodge. The sweet name still fit the gentle nature and serenity we had come to cherish. But it was not to last.The first unprovoked attack came more than 7 years […]