Protecting Your Pets Against Pests

Protect your pets from pests at the cabin.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

Q) We just realized our dream and bought a fixer-upper cottage up north. Whenever we visit it, we bring our two indoor cats and our very outdoorsy dog with us. I’ve heard that even with our pets we need to be concerned about spider bites and other […]

A Boy and His Dog

In 1956, when I was 12 years old, our family bought a 10-cabin resort on a lake in northern Minnesota and moved there. Eisenhower was president. Elvis’ big hit that year was “Hound Dog.” Wolf, a white German shepherd, was our hound dog. He was 2 years old. In dog years, we were about the […]

Taking Your Dog to the Cabin

For many dogs, there are few pleasures in life that rival a weekend retreat to the family cabin, cottage or camp.

After all, it’s often true that the cabin is where Fido can be the most free – running, jumping, swimming, chasing wildlife, getting plenty of fresh air, etc. (Incidentally, these are all examples of things […]

Dog Drinking From Lake

Q:  Our dog is always drinking from the lake near our family camp. Can dogs get intestinal diseases like giardia from drinking untreated water?– Carolina Firestone; East Lansing, Mich.A: Yes, it is possible for dogs to get intestinal diseases from […]

Dogs & Lyme Disease

Q:  We do our best to protect ourselves and our children from deer ticks and Lyme disease, but do we need to worry about our dog? We bring her with us to the cottage, and she loves to run through the fields and woods around our place. Can dogs contract this disease? If so, how […]

Dogs at the Cabin

We finished building our vacation cottage in the mountains of western Maine about a year ago. My husband and I had been dreaming of owning a second home throughout our 19 years of marriage.
Once our cottage was finished, our two teenage children were thrilled, our families were excited and all our friends were eager […]

Felines & Birds Don’t Mix

Tip #5 in a series: Keep cats insideSorry, cat lovers, but while your feline friends are great indoor pets, they are predators […]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Dog!

On October 15-17, 2010, the National Dock Dogs Championships were held in Dubuque, Iowa. And the star of the show was a dog named Baxter who – with a little help from his owner, Tony Lampert of St. Louis, Mo. – took first place in the Big Air category. How big, you ask? Baxter’s winning […]

Photo Album: Dogs at the Cabin

Over the years that Cabin Life has been in publication, you’ve sent us countless photos showcasing the many ways you and your family and friends like to have fun at your getaway. Whether it’s a morning fishing trip, a hike through the woods or the perfect Fourth of July barbeque, your special photos of family, […]

VIDEO: Dogs Dock Jumping in Slow Motion

Do you ever wonder what a dock-diving dog looks like in slow motion? Then check out this video that was filmed at a DockDogs event at Meadowlake Pet Resort in Houston, Texas. Watch as these dogs compete in a series of events measured by distance, height and speed. It’s pure canine joy!