Pack Your Bags ASAP Because You Can Now Visit a Bear Ranch

Visit the Bear Ranch for family-friendly fun.

Lake & Land Associations Have Your Back

These local groups are the best, on-the-ground conservation organizations in the country, and they also tend to be the center of social life in areas that may be remote.
By Gina Chiodi Grensing

Keeping an eye out for the best interests of your cabin’s locale, whether it be on a sparkling lake, on land in gorgeous mountain […]

Tips & Tricks for Fall Fishing

Expert fall fishing tips for catching 8 freshwater favorites.
Story by Larry Whiteley

I love fall! After a long, hot summer, I am always ready for cooler temperatures and the beautiful autumn colors. But most of all, I am ready for the fabulous fall fishing!

When fall arrives most fishermen start winterizing their boat and putting away their fishing equipment. […]

The Foolproof Four: Edible Wild Mushrooms

Edible wild mushrooms in cabin country.
Story & photos by Teresa Marrone

Cabin folks generally don’t need an excuse to head into the woods at this time of year. But if you want to try something different, how about searching for edible wild mushrooms? Once you start looking, you’ll see mushrooms everywhere, in all shapes, sizes and […]

How to Coexist with Bats

How to coexist with bats – these important & helpful creatures.
By Rob Mies

For owners of cabins, cottages and camps, living in nature is a wonderful experience. It can also be an annoying adventure – from the biting insects to the squirrels that chew on your cabin to the deer that eat the plants in your […]

Managing Bird Nests at the Cabin

Q) My cabin has many large south-facing windows. An aggressive robin has been banging away at the glass for days. I’ve tried the hawk-shadow decals but they don’t seem to work. Any suggestions?
In the past, a robin (Same one? Who can tell?) has built a nest on top of my porch light. I have put […]

Managing Invasive Species: Bugs, Animals & Plants

Invasive species sometimes outcompete, outgrow and outlast just about everything. Here’s what you can do to stop them.

In my neck of the woods in west-central Wisconsin, ash trees are an important and beautiful part of every forest community. In my appreciation of the beauty and tremendous worth of these trees (see sidebar to the right), […]

Trapping Wild Animals at the Cabin

How can you know when trapping wild animals is the right decision?

Part of the fun of owning a cabin is getting up close and personal views of wildlife. This fun can be quickly ruined, though, if wild animals decide to make themselves too much at home in your yard. Enjoying a bite in your garden. […]

Mother Nature’s Bait Shop

Gathering live bait with kids can be as much fun as catching fish.

On many of my childhood fishing trips, the enjoyment began when I got to catch the bait.

I remember the anticipation building after my dad and I set out the minnow trap in a creek and waited for the fish to swim into that […]

Keeping Deer at Bay

Let’s hear it for rotten eggs!

According to a University of Nebraska study comparing commercial deer repellents,* potions crafted with rotten eggs as their active ingredient are the most effective.

You may think they keep deer away because they taste and smell so bad. But the sulfur odor actually promotes a fear response in deer and other […]