Lake Association Spotlight: Douglas Lake

Does your lake have an association that’s improving water quality like Douglas Lake?

How to Protect Your Lake: 12 Ways to Have A Lake-Friendly Property

12 ways to safeguard and protect your lake and precious water quality

Managing Lake Weeds at Your Cabin

First, do no harm to the water’s ecosystem when managing lake weeds at your cabin.
By Matthew Usher

It’s time to start thinking about your upcoming time at the lake, and how you can make the most of your summer on (and in) the water, whether you’re swimming, fishing or boating. Before the water gets warm enough […]

Drainage and Erosion Problems Solved

Water is the driving force of all nature – learn how to manage drainage and erosion problems at the cabin.
Story & photos by Jennifer Baker

Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century meme probably wasn’t the first thing on Dean and Melissa’s minds when they opted for an asphalt driveway at their new lake home.

After runoff from spring […]

Voracious Vegetation

“Last year, more people were killed by automobile accidents, heart attacks, lung cancer, and natural causes combined than by any one tomato.”— Attack of the Killer TomatoesWhile hardly the height of cinematic dialogue, this line from the classic B-movie is undoubtedly true. Moreover, it’s also undoubtedly true that plants running amok don’t usually kill people […]

What is going into your lake?

What Your Lake Looks Like? So watersheds matter because they deliver things that influence the water in a lake – which may in turn influence ducks, fish, plants, algae and sometimes our fun. The effect can be just a matter of appearances. For example, does […]

Aquatic Animals Behaving Badly?

That lake looks so pristine. That river seems so calm. But underneath those beautiful expanses of blue water, the invasion has begun.Invasive animal species are marching across the U.S., and cabin lovers have had enough. The battle is on, and if you’re looking to join the fight, here’s some info you need about the enemies […]

Shorelines Go Au Naturel!

Dale and Elaine Krueger are morning people. “One of our favorite parts of owning shoreland is this,” says Dale, with a sweeping gesture that encompasses mugs of coffee, a stilty-legged blue heron and the dawn breaking over Minnesota’s Lake Pokegama.It’s no accident that animals, including an eagle and a pair of river otters, linger here. […]

Battling Invasive Lake Weeds

No More Mr. Minnesota Nice One day last August, Johnson, a retired public safety officer, noticed a new sign at the public access of Townline Lake, a shallow, clear, 600-acre body of water just east of Leech Lake, one of Minnesota’s prime sportfishing waters. […]

Special Report: The Good Work of Lake Associations

We’re all familiar with the old adage “many hands make light work,” and while it’s tough to admit that anything to do with the cabin is a chore, there’s always plenty to be done. But like most things, bringing committed folks together often makes tough tasks more tolerable and hard conversations easier to voice while […]