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A couple scores big with a cabin beside a brook

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This family cabin in Northern Ontario is a year-round, off-grid treasure, but they debated getting a cell phone service booster to make it truly remote.

13 Tips for Getting the Most From a Cozy Cabin

These days, a small cabin is popular for two reasons: It’s budget-friendly and provides close-quarter coziness. Squeezing everything into a small floor plan can, however, be challenging.

When planning your cozy retreat, it helps to have some guidelines in mind:
1. Add space with an open floor plan.
The fewer walls, the better. Open spaces are more comfortable […]

A Cozy Mountain Cabin in Montana

This lil’ cozy mountain cabin in Big Sky was built to fit just right.
Story by Melissa Mylchreest
Photos by Heidi A. Long

If you ask Paul Larson whether he has a favorite room or feature in his Kalispell, Mont., cabin, he’ll tell you yes, definitely.

“I love the big patio door in the living room,” he says, referencing […]

Lake Cottage in Autumn: Bonus Info

Learn more about a cottage and guesthouse on Copake Lake in the Berkshires.
Photos courtesy Vincent Mazeau

The October 2016 issue of Cabin Living features a “Small Cabin Escape” article titled “Autumn Glow” about a guesthouse on Copake Lake in the Berkshires. This charming guesthouse is part of a two-dwelling property with outstanding views of the lake, […]

An Off-Grid Treehouse in Maine

Off-grid living in northern Maine.
By Fran Sigurdsson

Growing up in New York City, Nanc Dumond always dreamed of owning a treehouse. In 2007 her dream came true. That fall, Nanc (the ‘c’ is soft) and husband, Rick, purchased an off-grid cabin on Eagle Lake in northern Maine.

At the time, the couple was staying at the Dumond […]