Why Your Cabin Needs a Backyard Smokehouse

Got an unplugged retreat? A backyard smokehouse is a great option for prepping the day’s catch, as well as meat and game.

A Washington Cabin Has Special Memories

A little lake cabin with a special history

How to Prevent Ice Dams

We break down how to prevent ice dams so you and your cabin are safe this winter.

Buying a Snowmobile

Website Exclusive: An expanded list of 20 expert tips you need before you shop for a snowmobile!
By Mark Boncher

Take a big plunge or a little plunge? Payments or no payments? What happens if something goes wrong? I have heard all the questions and have seen hundreds of scenarios play out when people shop for snowmobiles. […]

How to Choose the Right Snow Sport for Conditions

Here’s the scenario. You’re tucked inside your cozy cabin, a fire blazing in the hearth. Outside, it’s a winter wonderland. What’s the best way to get some fresh air today? Well, that really depends on what kind of snow is blanketing your cabin landscape.The size and shape of the snow crystals depend on how cold […]

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Is there anything more beautiful than watching snow fall from the warmth of your cabin? Actually, there is. Next time the snow falls in fluffy flakes, head on out for a hike through your very own winter wonderland. All you need is some warm clothes, maybe a thermos of hot chocolate, and of course, snowshoes.Hold […]