12 Ways to Uniquely Add Adirondack or Northwoods Details to the Cabin

The beauty is in the design touches when looking for Adirondack or Northwoods details

7 Ideas for Creating An Outdoor Shower for the Cabin

You can build your own with help from a kit or create a custom outdoor shower with inspiration from the photos gathered here.

5 Wood Carvings Perfect For Your Cabin

Carving wood is among the oldest human endeavors in history. While our ancestors may have started with practical efforts like the Clacton Spear, people have been carving wood to decorate their huts and their castles for centuries. Whether simple or complex, large or small, wood carvings tell a story, reflect the taste, traditions and interests […]

Cabin Patterns

Timeless tips for designing great retreats.
By Dale Mulfinger

The design criteria we receive from our cabin clients can be as simple as this: “Three bedrooms, two baths and a great room with kitchen.” Or, from other clients, the design specs might be an elaborate text highlighting their memories at grandma’s cabin, photos of the walnut slab […]

Cabin Design: Linkages

Thinking beyond a cabin as a single structure. Enter the cabin design concept of linkages.
By Dale Mulfinger

Many people understand the concept of thinking outside of the box for cabin design, but how about thinking beyond the number 1? Many factors might be well served by contemplating several smaller structures rather than one larger building like […]

Designing a Dream Cabin

Design you own dream cabin, from sketchy start to final plans.
By Janice Brewster

Designing your dream cabin may start innocently with a doodle on a napkin or the back of an envelope. Pretty soon, you’re clipping photos of fireplaces from magazines and pinning kitchen ideas on Pinterest. And you’re on your way.

At some point, those doodles […]

Rustic Style: It’s Only Natural

Add life to your cabin with organic touches.
By Janice Brewster

If a love of the outdoors inspires you to build a cabin, why not let Mother Nature be your decorator, too? Bring natural elements in all their imperfect glory into your cabin, and you’ll add warmth and authenticity to your surroundings. The gentle curves of organic […]

(More) Small Cabin Ideas

5 plans to inspire your dreams.
(For the first half of this article, including 6 more small cabin plans, click here!)

How large is your dream cabin? Are you looking for a place to reconnect with family without committing to overwhelming housework? Do you need a bit more space to live in your cabin full time, but […]

Small Homes Big Ideas

6 plans to inspire your dreams.
Longing for a getaway from their home in the busy Washington, D.C. area, Saul and Sue scoured available properties within a few hours’ drive. With persistence and a bit of luck, they found a spot in Virginia and planned to build a small getaway.

One thing was clear: The cabin had to […]

25 Tips for Small Home Success

Learn 25 simple design tips to create large and useful spaces in a small wood home.