A little lake cabin with a special history

STORY & PHOTOS BY Jillian Angel

Preface: My partner, Dave, and I were introduced by my best friend during a time she thought perhaps the two of us had something in common and could use a friend. Dave and I lost our significant others within a month of one another. My boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident and Dave’s wife, Brenda, passed away after battling breast cancer. We started talking, and then finally went out on that first date, and here we are today.

The cozy lakeside cabin that Dave and I share has a special background.

Dave and his late wife, Brenda, purchased the property on Deer Lake three years ago. At the time of their purchase, the cabin was just a rundown shack. Other perspective buyers saw a gamble, but Dave (a general contractor with the talent and vision to see past the surface) and Brenda had plans to remodel the place into their perfect getaway.

Dave’s mother grew up on the lake just a few minutes walk from the property, and he spent summers there, so it was only natural that he was drawn to the area. According to Dave, Brenda was so excited about the project that she subscribed to Cabin Living and started making fun purchases for decorating their cabin. Little did she know the project would take many weekends spread over the years. Time to work on the cabin was hard to come by due to the six-hour drive each way from home.
Before the project was completed, Brenda passed away after battling cancer. Though I did not know her personally, I can tell you without a doubt that, over time, she would have been even more in love with the lake house and would dread packing up to go back home. I think of her often as I spend time there watching the world slowly go by.

The cabin is beautiful for many reasons. The covered porch, with an eagle’s nest view, provides the perfect reprieve from the summer heat. And the beach is close by for a quick dip.

In the summer, fishing, hiking, cruising in the boat, swimming, paddle boarding and grilling are what you will find in abundance on any given weekend!

Winter, with plenty of snow and temps that often cause the lake to freeze over, provides a spectacular opportunity for enjoying the cozy warmth of the wood-burning stove.

I don’t think most who have visited can get enough, which is the point: pure enjoyment.

While I write this story with Brenda in mind, it is meant for Dave, too – thank you for sharing this wonderful place you’ve worked so hard on to complete! It’s perfect.