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Cabin Design Options

From interior and exterior design tips, to profile and corner style examples, here you’ll find inspiration for making your dream cabin look just how you envisioned it.


12 Ways to Uniquely Add Adirondack or Northwoods Details to the Cabin

The beauty is in the design touches when looking for Adirondack or Northwoods details

7 Ideas for Creating An Outdoor Shower for the Cabin

You can build your own with help from a kit or create a custom outdoor shower with inspiration from the photos gathered here.

Your Guide to Painting the Cabin Interior and Exterior

There are limitless options for painting the cabin interior and exterior. We show you our best tips and tricks to getting the hue of your dreams.
What color should your cabin be, inside and out? Will […]

5 Wood Carvings Perfect For Your Cabin

Carving wood is among the oldest human endeavors in history. While our ancestors may have started with practical efforts like the Clacton Spear, people have been carving wood to decorate their huts and their castles […]

Building a Deck that will Last

In this video, Cabin Living Editor, Mark Johnson shares a few tips for properly joining your new deck to your cabin.

Coping with Steep Slopes

Ways to make the terrain of steep slopes work in your favor.
By Jim Cooper

Cabins and steep slopes seem to go together. Slopes are often the best places to find the views and seclusion that make […]

Cabin Patterns

Timeless tips for designing great retreats.
By Dale Mulfinger

The design criteria we receive from our cabin clients can be as simple as this: “Three bedrooms, two baths and a great room with kitchen.” Or, from other […]

Exterior Finishes at the Cabin

There are several options for exterior finishes at the cabin – should you paint or stain wood siding?

Wood siding, unlike vinyl or metal, requires protection from the rain, wind and sun. This means applying paint […]

Cabin Design: Linkages

Thinking beyond a cabin as a single structure. Enter the cabin design concept of linkages.
By Dale Mulfinger

Many people understand the concept of thinking outside of the box for cabin design, but how about thinking beyond […]

Designing a Dream Cabin

Design you own dream cabin, from sketchy start to final plans.
By Janice Brewster

Designing your dream cabin may start innocently with a doodle on a napkin or the back of an envelope. Pretty soon, you’re clipping […]