Perfect Furniture Placement

Make the most of your cabin’s interior space with perfect furniture placement

When you want to make the most of your cabin’s interior space, maximize views from seating areas, and incorporate decorative storage pieces, furniture placement sometimes can be a challenge. Here are a few things to consider when trying to hit the sweet spot of furniture placement.

1. Be calm and take your time.

“It can get overwhelming selecting multiple pieces for a room and making sure they coordinate,” says Cassandra Christianson, Interior Designer and Project Coordinator at Wisconsin Log Homes. “I suggest just taking it one piece at a time, and eventually, you will have a completed room.”

2. Determine what the room’s focal point is and maximize its sight line.

You’ll want to group some seating to focus on the fireplace, and you don’t want to block outside views with tall furniture.

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3. Find the longest wall in the room.

Choose that as the anchor location for the largest piece of furniture.

4. Allow enough space to walk around in the room.

“Any area where there will be a lot of traffic flow requires a three- to four-foot walkway,” says Christianson. “Determine what the traffic pattern will be and make sure there isn’t a furniture piece right in the middle of that walkway.”

5. Look at room balance.

Make sure that larger items and/or all items of one color are not all together on one side of the room.

6. Don’t place everything flush against a wall.

By creating angles, you create a more personal feel to the room. Angling furniture also can create more walkway room.

7. Once the large pieces of furniture are in place, add tables and lighting as desired.

Tables should be placed so people may put things down comfortably; their beverage, knitting, book, phone. Lighting should be strategically placed depending upon the task at hand in that spot. Try mixing floor lamps, table lamps and sconces.

8. Stand/sit at all main room locations to determine that you have placed pieces correctly.

“Ultimately, you want to make sure the room is comfy and cozy and has enough seating for family and friends,” says Christianson.

9. If buying a piece of furniture, measure the space you are going to fill.

“It is important to take your measurements with you when looking for furniture,” Christianson advises. “Before buying, you’ll be able to see if that furniture item you want will fit.”

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10. Consider how much you want to put into a room

“You don’t want the room to feel too empty or feel too cramped,” says Christianson.

11. “Just have fun with it” is her best advice for furniture placement.

“It might not be perfect at first, but you can always change things down the road and rearrange different pieces to get the perfect cozy cabin.”