Fun & Games

Water Fight!

by Kevin Horrocks, 57 (The adult)
by John D. Seylar, 13 (The nemesis)

The siege of Chipmunk Lodge

Published: July 1, 2008
The Last Stand
My weapons dry, I braved the barrage of water balloons and streams of water aimed at my eyes (wonder where they learned that trick) and descended the ladder.
And that’s when I unleashed my secret weapon.
My friend Mark, father of two of the kids, strolled over to a secret bucket of balloons and joined the fray with well-placed throws. Then, we “retreated,” coaxing the little squirts out onto the end of our dock. They foolishly took the bait.

As luck would have it, the battle moved down to the lake – where our reinforcements lay in wait. We opened fire with the water guns that we stashed for just such a situation. All the kids that weren’t thrown in, jumped in, and we took the fight to the lake.
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