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FORE! Try Backyard Wiffle Golf

Challenge your friends and family in the 1st Annual Cabin Open!
By Andy Bennett
Published: April 16, 2014
backyard wiffle golf game
SURPRISINGLY SATISFYING – As silly as it may seem, Wiffle golf is a decent substitute for the real deal. Any typical game will be a great time for kids and adults alike, but if you want to have some serious fun, challenge your friends and family with a weekend-long tournament.
Ah, relaxation. One of the best perks of being at the cabin. The stress of daily life melts away as you nestle into your getaway, far from shopping malls, traffic jams, the Internet, your favorite golf course. Wait! What?!

It can be tough to decide between a Sunday on the green or a Sunday at the cabin. Because, sometimes, relaxation means you just need to play golf. But, thankfully, you can have both. With just a little bit of time and energy – plus some items you likely have lying around the cabin – you can create your very own back nine.

Wiffle golf? Seriously?
Yes, seriously. Wiffle golf is fun enough to keep the kids entertained all afternoon and sporting enough to keep the adults challenged – but not so challenged that clubs get broken over knees.

The Wiffle ball design means you can swing your club with the same force you would on a 400-yard par 4, but it’ll only go about 100 feet with your best drive.

What you’ll need
Aside from a set of clubs and a few dozen Wiffle balls, you’ll just need some paper plates, as well as a few long sticks from the woods and scraps of fabric from the cabin to make your pins and flags.

Stab one end of a stick through the paper plate and into the ground so the pin stands up straight, with the plate resting on the ground.

How to play
1. Assign a course designer, preferably someone with some serious golf experience. Your pro will place the pins, mark the tee boxes and set the par for each hole. A good general rule: Make par-3 holes to keep the difficulty level low and allow you to pack more holes in.

2. Play begins just like normal golf, with players alternating strokes in an attempt to “sink” their Wiffle ball in the “hole” with as few strokes as possible.

3. The hole is actually the surface of the paper plate. The ball is sunk when the Wiffle ball comes to rest on the plate. If it hits the plate and bounces off, the ball is still in play.

4. Play continues until all players have completed all holes. The player who completes the course in the fewest strokes wins.

Note: Loud sweaters and white pants are optional. Actually, just don’t wear them.

If you decide to forgo Andy’s fashion advice and wear your loud sweaters and pants, we’d love to see your goofy outfits! Send your high-resolution pictures (at least 300 dots per inch at 3 x 4 inches) to with “Golf fashion” in the subject line, or upload them to our online community Photo Galleries. The photos may just appear in an upcoming issue of Cabin Life!
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