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Tips for safely towing inflatable water toys behind your boat

By Brad Kovach
Published: March 1, 2008
Photo by Michele Tremblay
Is there any surer sign that the boating season has arrived than when you stand at the end of your dock and watch a runabout zoom by pulling happily shrieking kids on an inflatable tube that resembles a neon-colored starship? Not in my book.
This is the perfect time for a refresher on the dos and don’ts of towing a water toy behind your boat. Trust me, seeing the smiles on your kids’ or grandkids’ faces is well worth the price of a little precaution.
The first thing to remember is that, while thrills and spills are part of the scene, safety should always come first. If there’s a boater on hand who’s experienced in watersports, let him or her supervise things. If your whole crew is new to the game, be sure to take extra care. The good news is that tubing is among the easiest of all boating activities and can be great fun for the whole family.
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