Tales from the Cabin
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My First Trip to the Cabin

A pup's best friend? The family getaway.

By M Portugue
Published: September 1, 2008
Photo by Kristi Portugue
My name is Moby. I’m the smallest in my family. I live with my Mom, Dad, older brother Neptune and older sister Ocea. 
    This morning I was tugging on Neptune’s tail trying to get him to play, when Mom whisked me up and tucked me into my crate with a toy. As she carried me out to the car, she said with her happy voice that we were going to the cabin … that I would really like it there … and that we’re going to be traveling there a lot. I tried to stay awake, but quickly fell asleep. 
    I woke up with a start. Why are Neptune and Ocea barking like that? 
    Oh boy, they’re excited!  And here comes Dad. “Let me outta here!  Where are we? Okay, thanks, Pops. Now, let me down!  That’s better.” I can’t believe my nose – there are so many things to sniff! Dirt, leaves, pine needles, the woods, deer trails, the lake, fish ... oh boy! 
    “Mom, Mom, what’s this place?” 
    “We’re at our cabin, Moby!  Isn’t this exciting?” Mom says. 
    Our cabin, huh?  It’s made of big logs. Well, this isn’t like our other house. Smells good though! 
    Now we’re going back outside and Ocea says we’re going down to the lake so Dad can fish for walleye. There’s Neptune – wading along the shoreline, sniffing all the really good lake smells and looking for fish. 
    “Hey, Neptune, there’s one!  Don’t you see it?!  Look!  Look, right there!  RIGHT THERE!  Yeah, that’s it!  Get ‘em!” Okay, my turn … I want to catch a fish … I just have to ... climb over these huge rocks … This is tricky … 
    “Oh wait, Ocea’s on the dock. That looks like more fun!” Must get up on the dock. Whoa, this is cool, I can see the water down there. Mom just threw two Frisbees out into the lake.  “Hey, Ocea, Neptune – You ran by me so fast I tipped over! No fair!” Where did they go? Hey, they just leaped off the end of the dock to swim after those Frisbees. Oh, they got ‘em, they got ‘em! Cool!  I wanna play that too. 
    Okay, I’m ready to jump off the dock. But ... it’s really far down to the water.  “Mom, why are you picking me up?” 
    Oh, she’s setting me in the water. Oh look, my legs are paddling like crazy. Wow, look at me go!  Um, I can’t see the bottom any more. … “Mom, I’m coming back to shore!” 
    Back on shore. Must shake. Whoa, my legs are wobbly. Wait, there’s a twig. Oh, this is good chewing. Hey, a branch. Must remove the bark, must remove. 
    Why’s Mom pointing that thing at me? Dad’s laughing, “You’ll never get Moby to sit still for a photo.” 
    “But he’s so cute!,” Mom replies. 
    Now she’s talking to me. “Stay!” Huh, what does that mean? She’s kneeling down … so “Stay!” must mean she wants me to go over there.  “Okay, here I am, Mom.” Wiggle, wiggle, kiss, kiss, kiss. 
    Man, I love the family lake cabin. Water and fish and sticks and smells and Frisbee ... and hopefully some puppy treats. 
    Whew, I need a nap. 

Moby Portugue is a brown curly Portuguese water dog. At this writing, he is a little tyke, 10 weeks old, weighing 10 pounds. When grown, he’ll weigh about 50 pounds.
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