July/August 2001

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From the Deck
Lazy Days: Dive on in to savor the joy of summer at the cabin.
pg. 6
General Delivery
Letters from Cabin Life, Cabin Living readers.
pg. 8
Questions & Answers
Inheritance taxes, septic systems, anchors and slippery docks.
pg. 10
Living With Cabinitis
Catching It. Cabinitis: A widespread malady that has reached epidemic proportions.
pg. 13
Cool Stuff
Water Toys! Over, under, around and through. These cool things take water every which way.
pg. 16
Wild Things
Heeding the Call of the Frog: No matter where you live, there's a frog singing your song.
pg. 20
Sports & Recreation
The Tao of Catch and Release: How one fisherman gave in to the beauty and cycle of Mother Nature.
pg. 25
Grill Master
Slather, Smear, Sizzle and Sear: Realizing that size doesn't matter (at least when it comes to grilling fish).
pg. 68
A Moveable Feast
Bohemian Rhapsody: A rustic, elegant and quick dinner you can pull together after a day outside.
pg. 78
Fun & Games
Water Falls: There's more than one way to hit the water. Here's Cabin Life's guide to the art of dock diving.
pg. 84
Putzing Around
Ski Boat or Fishing Boat? Dual-duty boat doubles your fun. All you need are a few add-ons.
pg. 87
Regional Spotlight
Houghton Lake, Michigan: It's a close-knit community built around a 22,000-acre lake.
pg. 89
Lights Out
Fungal Love: One man's obsession with Morel.
pg. 98
Boating Smarts
With nearly 14 million boats in use, lakes and waterways are becoming more crowded. Avid boater Art Jones says do yourself a favor and brush up on how to meet the challenge safely.
pg. 28
Paradise Regained
Returning your shoreline to its natural state can be a beautiful and beneficial decision. Master gardener Margaret A. Haapoja explains how lakescaping helps the quality of the lake and gives you a break on yard work too.
pg. 36
Summer Reading
For the word sponges among us, a book list is never-ending and ever-changing. Here are 49 titles to take a look at this summer.
pg. 44
Fine-Tuning Your Getaway
Invest in the spaces where people love to gather. Former real estate agent Nancy Cain lets you in on some secrets on increasing the value of your home-away-from-home.
pg. 50
Wired Cabin
Whoever said computers and cabins couldn't mix? Technophile James Gerhart finds ways to make life even easier at the cabin, and shows how you can savor your cabin from the office.
pg. 54
Scared in the Dark
Having lived in the inner city, Laura Saari figured nothing could scare her at the cabin — until she came face-to-face with a shadowy intruder.
pg. 59
Bug Wars
Don't let flying legions of punkies and biting midges ruin your fun. Jim Chase shares some strategies to help you strike back.
pg. 62
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