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Protecting Your Cabin

Small fixes can increase security

By Lucie B. Amundsen
Published: May 1, 2009

Getaways, by nature, are vacant at times – leaving them vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, there are ways to bolster your security.


While it may seem a row of deadbolts would do the trick, a door’s weakest link is actually its jamb. Often a poor (or even missing) strike plate can make kicking it in (á la “Miami Vice”) disturbingly easy. For about $10 at a hardware store, purchase a heavy-duty strike plate with extra-long screws to anchor both the plate and the jamb to the door framing. Then send would-be burglars on their way with hurting feet.


The standard locks that come with double-hung windows are usually fastened with tiny screws that are no match for a pry bar – or even a butter knife. With either a pin-style lock product or just a simple hinge pin from the hardware store, fasten the sashes together with a single hole drilled into both. When they’re pinned, they’re immovable. A second hole drilled into the top sash allows for the window to be pinned open, but fixed.

Sliding Glass Doors

Putting a dowel or metal rod in the track of a glass door is a tried and true way to overcome the flimsy standard issue locks. However, it doesn’t prevent thieves from lifting the entire door out of the track! For better security, combine a pin-style lock with the dowel trick (or a spring-loaded burglar bar). Now go worry about something really serious, like: “Why does my son catch more fish than me?”


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