Building a log home takes a lot of planning, from research to budgeting. Making sure you’re financially prepared for the building process, as well as knowledgeable on what goes into log cabin construction are crucial to a successful build.

The team at New Construction Loans ( is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced loan officers who are willing to help you get your financial house in order so you can build the log home of your dreams. Construction to Permanent financing is a challenging segment in the marketplace and partnering with reputable loan officers often produces a hassle free loan origination process!

Curious as to how the financing process works or want to see how much you qualify for? The guys over at New Construction Loans have the answers your looking for. Stop by their website to educate yourself about construction to permanent financing or reach out to one of their loan officers directly!


David Strickler
NMLS ID# 418705
Sr. Construction Loan Specialist
Citizens Bank
Phone: 215-896-0650
Efax: 866-283-1626

Tom Coronato
NMLS ID# 404587
Sr. Construction Loan Specialist
Citizens Bank
Phone: 973-615-4279
Efax: 855-481-8764