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Cleaning Windows for a Better View

Published: August 1, 2006
Photo by © Svetlana Larina
When you’re not outside, you still want to feel like you’re outside. And you can’t do that when there are paw prints and jelly smears and dirt streaks down the glass. Time to do the windows!
Here’s some expert advice from the folks at Jeld-Wen, who make windows in the heart of Oregon cabin country.
Choose your day.
A dry, overcast summer day is ideal for washing glass. That’s because intense sunlight can cause streaks as the cleaning solution may dry too quickly.
Clean gently. Use a solution of water and baby shampoo or water and vinegar. Mix 1 teaspoon of baby shampoo to 1 gallon of water, or 11/2 cups of vinegar to 1 gallon of water. Wash with a clean, soft cloth or sponge.
Rinse gently. Rinse with clean water. Avoid pressurized sprayers, which can break seals.
Dry promptly. Dry glass surfaces thoroughly with a cloth or wadded up newspaper. Dry window frames and door surfaces with a separate cloth. Be sure to clean up puddles that collect at glass edges, as this can damage window glazing.
Always avoid: power washers, metal tools, razor blades or other objects that can break seals, scratch glass and remove exterior glass coatings.
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