Aunt Pat's Veggie-Fish Chowder


Aunt Pat's Veggie-Fish Chowder

This recipe is a nod to my work as a fishing guide. The meal doesn’t call for a lot of fish. So, it’s a great recipe if you happen to catch a small amount that isn’t enough for a fish fry. It’s my hope that generations from now, my great-great niece and nephews will still be making my (Aunt Pat’s) veggie-fish chowder. Makes 4 servings.

15    ounces seafood broth or water
28    ounces diced tomatoes
15    ounces tomato sauce
½    cup chopped onion
½    cup chopped bell pepper
½    cup chopped celery
       Salt to taste
       Pepper to taste
       Garlic to taste
       Cajun seasonings to taste (optional)
1     bay leaf
1½  pounds frozen veggies (I use whatever I have left over – carrots, beans, corn, peas, potatoes, etc.)
1½  pounds northern pike, cut into chunks (or any firm, white fish)

Combine all ingredients except frozen veggies and fish into a large kettle.

Cover and simmer for 15 minutes over medium-low heat.

Add frozen veggies. Cover and simmer for 15 more minutes.

4. Add fish. Cover and simmer another 8 minutes.