15 hot new porducts for grill masters and outdoor chefs

1. Speed Smoker
The Barrel House Cooker Company claims that this smoker cooks hanging meat evenly and quickly – around 40% faster than a typical smoker, thanks to its simple, vertical design. Charcoal lighting and ash disposal are easy with the detachable base, which also doubles as a small hibachi grill. Barrel House Cooker Deluxe, $349, Barrel House Cooker Company, barrelhousecooker.com

2. A New Kind of Charcoal
The Weber name is synonymous with grilling, and new Weber Briquettes are a great complement to the company’s iconic charcoal grills and smokers. Available in 20-pound re-sealable, weather-resistant bags, the briquettes are made from 100% all-natural hardwood (no chemical fillers) for a long, consistent heat that produces less ash. Weber Briquettes, $25, Weber-Stephen Products, LLC, weber.com

3. Portable Pellet Power
For a lightweight introduction to pellet grilling, try this model (57 pounds) with foldable legs. It comes with a digital WiFi controller, which you can monitor and adjust via an app on your smartphone (iOS, Android). Also included is a meat probe and a convenience tray with utensil hooks. The Davy Crockett WiFi, $399, Green Mountain Grills, greenmountaingrills.com

4. Give Props!
Featuring built-in kickstands to prop them up, the working surface of these tools won’t touch your grilling station when you set them down. Arched handles offer maximum comfort and control. The set includes a spatula, fork and tongs. Mr. Bar-B-Q Kickstand Tools, $15,
Blue Rhino, available at campingworld.com

5. Clean as a Whistle
The secret to great tasting grilled food is clean grill grates. This brush has a replaceable head with diamond-coated nylon bristles, designed specifically to safely clean stainless steel, porcelain or cast iron grill grates. Two handles and a long length provide the leverage to boost your elbow grease. Dual Handle Safe-Scrub MONSTER Brush, $13, Charcoal Companion, companion-group.com

6. The Future is Now
Bluetooth-enabled grilling accessories allow you to spend less time babysitting your grill and more time enjoying cabin life. This thermometer comes with two probes to monitor two meat items simultaneously, and it sends temperature alerts to your iOS or Android device up to 175 feet away (no WiFi needed). Maverick Redi Chek Barbecue Bluetooth Thermometer, $90, Maverick Industries, maverickhousewares.com

7. Set It & Forget It
Pellet grills are increasingly popular. They’re versatile (grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise), and they self-regulate temperature by automatically feeding pellets from a hopper. This model features 700 square inches of porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking surface and a range of 180°- 500°F. Simply select your preferred cooking style on the digital panel and walk away. Pit Boss 700S Pellet Grill, $599, Pit Boss Grills, pitboss-grills.com

8. Smokin’ Hot Tool!
Why buy a full-size smoker when you can just set this stainless steel box on your grill grate? Fill it with one of Diamond King Smoker’s 15 wood chunk varieties (no presoaking necessary). The all-natural heat of the burning wood chunks adds subtle smoky flavor to your meat and fish. Diamond King Smoker/Cooker Box, $70, Diamond King Smoker, diamondkingsmoker.com

9. Lap of Luxury
Available with two, three or four burners, this new line of high-performance gas grills is manufactured using commercial-grade stainless steel. Ambient LED lighting above the control knobs and internal halogen lights make for easy nighttime grilling. SABER claims its award-winning cooking system uses 30% less propane than traditional gas grills. SABER Elite Series, $2,499-$3,999, SABER Grills, sabergrills.com

10. Get in the Groove
This light/speaker combo is part of The Companion Group’s new CC Sync line of smart outdoor living products. The integrated clamp allows for easy attachment to your grill’s lid handle, and the speaker’s Bluetooth capability amplifies your favorite tunes, podcasts or radio stream right from your smartphone. SoundBeam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker, $50, The Companion Group, available on amazon.com

11. Remote Cooking
Memphis Woodfire Grills, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end wood pellet grills/smokers, recently released an app (iOS, Android) that connects to the cloud-based Wi-Fi Controller for Memphis grills. Check on your roast while you’re out on the lake or running into town for those hamburger buns you forgot to buy. Memphis Wood Fire Grills App, FREE, Memphis Wood Fire Grills, memphisgrills.com (to purchase the app on your smartphone)

12.Gathering Place
Too many cooks in the kitchen? Send them outside to this pedestal fire ring. With its base and cone made from beautiful Cor-ten steel, it’s stylish as well as functional. Heat from the fire radiates out across the wide, flat surface, turning it into an efficient cooking surface for steak, veggies, fried eggs and more! OFYR Classic, $2,394, OFYR, OFYRUSA.com

13. Got It Covered
Made of high-grade materials, this lifetime-warranty cover guards your grill against the elements year-round. A handy zipper (the ZIP-IT) makes it a cinch to cover and uncover your grill. Hook-and-loop side closures, easy-release buckles and pocket air vents provide added security. Available in three sizes. Armor All Grill Cover by Blue Rhino, $60 (medium), $70 (large and extra large), Blue Rhino, bluerhino.com (to locate retailers)

14. The Ultimate Multitasker
This versatile grilling system allows users to cook nearly anything on up to six cooking surfaces. Using the patented elevated grate system over an open fire, you can sauté, sear, fry, boil, smoke and steam – often simultaneously. Heavy-gauge steel and high-temp powder coating enhance durability, as do the stainless steel fasteners. KUDU Safari Braai, $699 (accessories range from $25 to $95), KUDU Grills, kudugrills.com

15. The King of Flexibility
Uuni recently launched its new Uuni Pro tabletop oven. It has twice the cooking surface as the Uuni 2S, and it’s the world’s first quad-fueled oven. That means it can be run on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas. Use it to cook delicious roasts, bread, vegetables, fish and 16-inch pizzas! Uuni Pro Wood-Fired Oven, $649, Uuni, available at indiegogo.com