Asian_longhorned_beetle, prevent tree disease

Follow these guidelines to prevent destructive tree disease from spreading in your area.

To prevent the spread of destructive tree diseases, fungi and insects, like the Asian longhorned beetle (above) and emerald ash borer (below), it’s critically important that you follow these guidelines from the folks at Don’t Move Firewood:

  • Buy [or harvest] firewood near where you will burn it – that means the wood was cut within 50 miles of where you’ll have your fire.
  • Wood that looks clean and healthy can still have tiny insect eggs (or microscopic fungi spores, etc.) that will start a new and deadly infestation. Always leave it at home, even if you think the firewood looks fine.
  • Aged or seasoned wood is still not safe. Just because it is dry doesn’t mean that bugs can’t crawl onto it.
  •  If you already moved firewood, and you now know you need to dispose of it safely, burn it soon and completely. Make sure to rake the storage area carefully and also burn the debris. Then next time, buy or harvest locally.
  • Tell your friends not to bring wood with them – everyone needs to know that they should not move firewood.


Emerald_ash_borer, prevent tree disease

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