3 Easy-Care Roses for the Cabin
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3 Easy-Care Roses for the Cabin

These easy to take care of roses will survive anything you throw at them and are perfect for busy cabin owners.


Article courtesy of Garden Gate Magazine


“Worry-free rose” isn’t a very common phrase. In fact, it sounds a bit like an oxymoron. After all, roses (as a whole) are known for being labor-intensive and kind of finicky. And while traditional roses reward lots of attention with beautiful, fragrant blooms, not every gardener has the time (or desire) to work so hard.

We would like to introduce those gardeners to modern shrub roses. These low-maintenance plants produce colorful flowers that just don’t want the kind of attention that old-fashioned roses need. They’ll resist disease, tolerate extreme temperatures and won’t need much (if any) pruning.

Are you still a bit skeptical? Meet three of our favorite modern shrub roses. Give one a try, and soon you’ll consider roses “worry-free,” too!


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