Discover the World of Cabins
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Discover the World of Cabins

Discover cabin decor tips, learn about cabin construction and the building process, tour dream cabins, maintain your cottage, and enjoy the cabin lifestyle you know and love.

Tips for Keeping Your Cabin Pets Happy and Healthy
Before you head to the cabin with your furry companion, keep these tips in mind to create a pet-friendly retreat both indoors and outside so your pet enjoy the cabin environment by your side.
A Place to be Unplugged, but Not Offline
Check in at this New York rental cabin, where smart-home technology proves you don’t have to disconnect to reconnect with nature.
Ways to Create a Cozy Oasis for Summer
There are several steps you can take to turn your regular home into a coveted oasis.
Climate Change Resilience for Cabin Owners
What should you know and how can you make relevant changes?
How to Utilize Your Cabin More Throughout the Year
Whether you’re thinking about a countryside retreat or year-round enjoyment of your property, here are some tips to reshape you...
How to Utilize Every Inch of Space in Your Family's Cabin
No matter the size of the structure, you will run out of room at some point. Here are some ways to make more space for all your...
Houzz Reports an Increase in Renovation Spending
See which rooms are priorities and how owners are funding their projects, in addition to other key findings.
Why Is There a Surge in Cabin and Vacation Homeownership?
Here's what you should know about current trends for cabin and vacation homes within today's unexpected real estate market, plu...
Building Local Food Networks in Remote Areas
Learn how to implement community-supported agriculture to make the most positive economic and environmental impact, build bonds...
Living in Sweet Simplicity
One step inside a reader’s 500-square-foot cabin on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula proves good things come in small packages.
Essential Tips for Planning Your Dream Cabin Wedding
The great thing about cabins is that they have a certain charm, whether they’re new or old, so you’ll have a great backdrop for...
Cabin Renovations: Transforming Your Rustic Getaway
The good news is that there are many budget-friendly ways to renovate and upgrade your cabin with a fresh coat of paint, lighti...
How to Plan a Romantic Cabin Getaway
While some may prefer booking a hotel room, an intimate retreat in the woods might be more appealing if you love nature and out...
Off-Grid Cabin Essentials and Emergency Preparedness
With some planning, you’ll be able to handle emergencies while keeping your cabin the oasis of personal freedom.
What to Consider When Choosing Insurance For Your Cabin
How do you choose what coverage to get? What should you know about policies for cabins before selecting? Here’s what to expect.
Mindful Cabin Living in Retirement
It’s good to save money when you can, and luckily, there are many ways that you can stay entertained and keep your mind sharp w...
How Often Should You Check In on Your Cabin?
This guide will help you determine how often you should check in on your cabin throughout the year to ensure it stays in good c...
The Path to a Happier, Healthier Retirement in Nature
You don’t have to move to a cabin full-time; sometimes, a weekend retreat in nature is the perfect solution to help you enjoy t...

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