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Discover the World of Cabins

Discover cabin decor tips, learn about cabin construction and the building process, tour dream cabins, maintain your cottage, and enjoy the cabin lifestyle you know and love.

The Allure of an Outdoor Shower at the Cabin
This feature offers a unique opportunity to blend the rustic charm of your cabin with the splendor of the great outdoors.
Cabin Restoration: A Fun Project Or In Too Deep?
Here are the steps you’ll likely need to take to achieve your goal or determine if you’re in over your head.
A Natural Beauty in Maryland
A slew of organic materials combine with a healthy dose of imagination to create a unique heavy-timber hybrid home.
Treat Your Cabin Dad to These Father's Day Gifts
Don't be stumped on what to get him, check out our list of ideas for the cabin-loving dad in your life.
Get Growing with Greenhouses
Backyard greenhouses give you a jump-start on your fruits, veggies and flowers, as well as extend your growing season long af...
Jump Into These New June Decor Ideas
With the sun shining down and nature blooming with vibrant colors, June offers a perfect chance to bring rejuvenation and charm...
Coming Together at this Wisconsin Hybrid Home
A Wisconsin hybrid mixes materials into a home that enchants.
This Home Has Rusted Roots
A match-up of contemporary lines with Old West details puts a modern twist on this rugged retirement retreat.
Bringing New Life to Your Old Cabin
Whether you’re interested in a full-on renovation, or you just want to make a few upgrades, you can likely get started right away.
This Home is the Cure for Cabin Fever
A North Carolina mountain log retreat is the perfect remedy to relieve long distance relationships and foster family togetherness.
Our Favorite Log, Timber and Cabin Instagram Follows
Check out a few of the accounts we follow for their impeccable style and solid information.
Living the Sweet Life in this Timber Frame Beauty
This New York couple leads a honey of a life in their perfectly designed timber frame home.
What Are My Options For Building My Own Cabin?
If you want to build a cabin from scratch, you need to know the most cost-effective options and the various expenses that come ...
There's No Time Like the Present to Enjoy Your Dream Home
Why wait until retirement to enjoy the home of your dreams? That question prompted this couple to begin their log home journey ...
How Cabin Lifestyle Blogging Increases Property Values
While there are no actions that guarantee an increase in property value, one perhaps unusual option to explore is starting a blog.
Diagnosing 8 Common Cabin Maintenance Issues
This guide will help you diagnose and solve eight common maintenance issues with your cabin to keep it in good condition.
A Halcyon Homestead in Colorado
A simple but storied design emerges in this timber frame home where past and present collide.
A Dream Home 50 Years in the Making
This Pennsylvania dream home, 50 years in the making, proved to be totally worth the wait.

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