7 Tips for a Cabin Bathroom Remodel
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7 Tips for a Cabin Bathroom Remodel

Is your cabin bathroom in need of a facelift? Follow these seven tips to help make your bathroom remodeling project a success.

1. Consider your budget. Keep a realistic budget in mind when starting your remodeling project, and work around it. A great way to save money – sometimes up to 90% – is by resurfacing, rather than replacing, items like your bathtub, showers or walls. And you may not have to sacrifice looks or quality.

2. Plan and design. Don’t begin your remodeling job without a plan and design in mind. Ask yourself what kind of bathroom setting you want. Classic, modern, elegant or rustic, design your bathroom to meet your cabin style and the needs of your family and guests. Consult professional designers, and use online tools to help you visualize what your finished bathroom will look like.

3. Be honest about your do-it-yourself skill level. Bathroom remodeling is not an easy job. If you’re not experienced with remodeling work, you could make costly and unsafe installation errors, forcing you to make chilly trips to the outhouse for weeks. Hire professionals if you think you may be in over your head.

4. Go green and lower utility bills. A toilet uses more water than any other appliance in your home. The average person flushes 20 gallons of drinking water each day. Help Mother Nature by installing stylish, eco-friendly toilets and low-flow faucets.

5. Add beauty and protection with wall coverings. A simple and relatively inexpensive way to add personality to your bathroom is with wall surrounds and wainscoting. These come in a variety of colors and patterns to perfectly match the rest of your bathroom, and add protection against moisture.

6. Make your bathroom look bigger. Cabin bathrooms tend to be small, but lighter paint colors and properly placed lighting can make it appear larger. Many people underestimate the importance of lighting in bathrooms; the right lighting can make a world of difference in the appearance and feel of the room. For example, installing a dimmer switch can set the right mood for a relaxing tub soak at the end of a day full of water-skiing. A large mirror also helps make a cramped bathroom feel more spacious.

7. Transform your bath into a cabin spa. Had a long week at work? Escape to a soothing whirlpool or air bathtub to massage away stiff muscles, aches and pains. Many models are surprisingly affordable and can even fit in the space of an existing bathtub.

SOURCE: Re-Bath, America’s largest bathroom remodeler, www.rebath.com.
When remodeling your cabin or cottage bathroom, proper planning ensures a successful transformation.
Re-Bath, www.rebath.com

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