An Old, Small Cabin on Rabbit Lake
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An Old, Small Cabin on Rabbit Lake

Jay Eckert snapped this image of an old cabin and its boathouse isolated on a small rock island on Rabbit Lake in Temagami, Ontario.
    Rabbit Lake (known as “Waw-bos Nah-mat-ta-bee” in Ojibway) in Northeastern Ontario, features a select few outposts and old fishing or hunting cabins in various states of repair. The cabin pictured here has withstood the elements, as has a small birdhouse mounted on a pole just outside it.
    Jay captured this scene while gliding by in a fishing boat. Everything was “serene and peaceful … the water had just settled into a perfect sheet of glass for the night, and I was heading back to camp to make dinner,” he says. “The water was so smooth, in fact, that even at 9–12 mph, I could see the pollen and bugs scattered across the water’s surface 50 feet ahead of me.”
    A lush forest surrounds Rabbit Lake, adding to its beauty. But since the early 20th century, the forest has been extensively logged. There are certain parts where the land still has not fully recovered from logging, even after more than 100 years. Fortunately, on the lake’s western shore lies a 491-hectare area that has not been logged. The untouched and pristine Rabbit Lake West Conservation Reserve is known for strong earthquakes.

Photo by Jay Eckert,
Jay Eckert,

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