3 Log Cabin Myths


3 Log Cabin Myths

We often hear these three common log cabin myths—learn the truth about these types of homes.

Still considered a niche industry, log homes are subject to more myths than other types of construction. The Log Homes Council sets the record straight:

Myth 1: Log homes are limited in design and function.

Reality: Today’s log homes benefit from computer-assisted design and modern engineering. Nearly any architectural style or flourish is possible.

Myth 2: Log homes are difficult to build – even for experienced builders.

Reality: Building a log home is not complicated; it is just different for some experienced builders who typically build other types of homes. Log home manufacturers acknowledge this, and many provide a construction manual for their log system and routinely hold introductory courses for interested builders.

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Myth 3: Log homes need a large amount of maintenance.

Reality: Maintaining a log home requires no more effort than a conventional home, just a different type of maintenance. Be sure to perform an annual check-up on your log home and consult with your manufacturer about the proper care and preservation required.