Builder's sketch for "A Simply Tree-mendous Cabin"


Builder's sketch for "A Simply Tree-mendous Cabin"

Matt and Mary Enderles’ hobbit-house-style cabin (featured in the May 2012 issue) reflects the couple’s specialty as cabin builders: Their designs are free-spirited, creative and handcrafted. They travel the West Coast to hand-pick trees for their clients, and during the building process, the Enderles work to incorporate the trees – species like juniper, maples and white cedar, and logs with curves, burls and lots of character – into the cabins.

Here is a PDF of Matt’s free-hand sketch for his hobbit cabin. Mary says, “My husband does everything free-hand. He starts with a rough, basic concept just to get room sizes and the kitchen layout down. And then things change as the building process goes.”

Home sketch courtesy Extreme Interiors, International,, (877) 564-4111.

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