A Small Salt Pond Cottage in Maine


A Small Salt Pond Cottage in Maine

Photo © Tom Crane 2010, www.tomcranephotography.com
Elliott + Elliott Architecture built this small cottage on the site of a former summer home in Mount Desert, Maine, on a footprint that was grandfathered in. A pier structural system was used for flood protection and to minimize disruption of the salt pond that the cottage sits directly over. The design is similar to that of traditional wharf buildings in the area: simple, unadorned shingled buildings on piers that dot the coastline. Large window walls were added to open up the interior to the view.

The cottage shown here is one of three that make up a summer compound linked by a series of decks. The compound is located at the edge of the ocean.

As you approach the compound along a winding lane, glimpses of the ocean can be seen, but once you arrive, you are treated to the full expansive view. The appearance of the exteriors of the cottages may suggest small interiors, but walk inside, and you’re greeted by open floor plans, as well as modern design features.

In this cottage, stainless steel columns and tie rods support the roof structure on the interior, allowing the space to expand to the ridge. These interior columns transfer the load to the steel frame anchored in the pond’s granite basin.

The other two cottages contain private sleeping quarters. The three structures together, nestled on the edge of the forest, connect with each other and create an open connection with the environment around them.

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