So-Cal Hot Dogs


So-Cal Hot Dogs

As unusual as it may sound, avocado and mango make a great dog. Folks in southern California won’t even blink an eye at this one!

Recipe courtesy of Cuisine at Home
I know what you’re thinking: “Here’s another example of California crazy.” But remember, gold was found in them-thar hills too. This hot dog is just another example of that gold.
I’m pretty traditional when it comes to dogs—chili, onions, and slaw are my toppings of choice. But I have to admit, avocado and mango are hip, and their fresh flavors work well together to enhance the taste of the dog. Plus, all the toppings are super simple to make.
To assemble, first layer the avocado mash on the hot dog, then follow it with the herby mayonnaise and mango-jalapeño pico. For a cool side dish, try the watermelon salad. Like sorbet, it’s a refreshing palate cleanser.
Makes 4 hot dogs
Total time: 30 minutes
  • 4 natural casing hot dogs
  • 4 unsliced hot dog buns, cut lengthwise through the top

Preheat grill to medium-high.
Grill hot dogs until heated through and lightly charred. Grill buns just until heated through and toasted.
Serve hot dogs in buns with avocado mash, mayonnaise, and pico.

Per hot dog with 2 T. mash, 1/4 cup pico, and 1 T. mayo: 453 calories; 61% calories from fat; 31g total fat; 36g carb.; 756mg sodium; 4g fiber; 12g protein