VIDEO: Dock Installation Time Lapse


VIDEO: Dock Installation Time Lapse

For anyone who owns a cabin on the water, the arrival of the spring season heralds a vital rite of passage: the installation of the dock. In this video, Luke Owen enlists the help of his future brother-in-law, Elliot Sadler, to install a dock at his family vacation home on Intermediate Lake (near the town of Bellaire, Mich.).

The dock is about 160 feet long, and it took about 2 hours and 20 minutes for the men to install it. Thanks to the technology of time-lapse cameras, however, you can watch the project go from start to finish in only 57 seconds. If only a dock could be installed that fast in real life; then we could spend more time enjoying cabin life on the water!

This was Luke's third year installing the dock.

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