The Best Ax for Chopping Firewood
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The Perfect Ax for Chopping Firewood

Cabin Life staff tested out a handcrafted ax from Hults Bruk and can confirm: it is as hardworking as it is good-looking.

Photos by Mark Sorenson
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If you have a wood stove at your cabin, or just like to keep the fireplace roaring, you know how much wood it takes to keep a cabin warm. And, depending on where your cabin is located, you may have already started chopping your wood supply for the season.
With cold air beginning to arrive, the Cabin Life staff tested out the “Torneo” Ax by Hults Bruk. A felling ax intended for bringing down and chopping up small to medium-sized trees, this model was the perfect fit for some light work, like Art Director Mark Sorenson’s camping trip.

“It was the ideal size for car camping, easy to throw in the trunk and light enough to carry to the campground from parking a good distance away,” he says. “Since we were not bringing firewood on this camping trip, it was important I had a way to process found wood down to a size that would fit in a campfire. I was able to easily trim found branches to make kindling to start the fire, as well as chop up the more medium sized branches into manageable pieces.”
The ax weighs just 2.85 pounds, and is made of US-sourced hickory. The ax even comes with a traditional leather protective sheath and is shipped in its own storage box.

“You can tell the craftmanship is high with this tool,” Sorenson says. “Even though this is one of the smaller axes in their product line, it still felt very capable, and I never doubted for a moment if I could use it to quickly chop something up.”
Hard-working, handcrafted elements aside, we have to admit: it simply looks good, and would be right at home in a rustic cabin.

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