Space-Saving Cabin Bunks
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Space-Saving Cabin Bunks

Cozy spaces and cabin bunks for you to get in touch with your cabin vibe.

By Julie Kuczynski When you're stuck in traffic again, feeling stressed by the blaring horns and bright-red brake lights, your thoughts may whisk to your faraway retreat where things are at peace. Your cabin gives you a special feeling that no other place really can. Creating a bed nook at your cabin can emphasize this special feeling. You can find refuge at the cabin, and what better way to do it than crawling into a cozy nook surrounded on three sides by secure walls, and if you’d like, you can even close a curtain on that fourth side and pass away an afternoon reading a good book. And nooks are great space-savers, too. Put one into a corner loft space or an in-between area to maximize a room. Create storage underneath or alongside. There are many different options, and they can work in various rooms. Take a look at these selections to spark some ideas of your own.


Loft space

If your cabin has an open loft space or walk-up attic area, low-angled rooflines provide just enough room to have a bed nook built in, so you can get great utility out of a space that would otherwise serve as awkward storage, at best. The nook pictured here can serve as a cozy little getaway complete with a TV for personal viewing (young kids or grandkids would love it). But when combined with the seating to the left, this entire area becomes a fun social space (Whose turn is it to deal the cards?). CBN-DI0214_06

Private retreat

Two snoozers can step up to this double-size bed nook. A window with a beautiful view down to the lake and a built-in bookshelf, which otherwise would be wasted space, provide all you may need to pass away a relaxing and lazy day at the cabin. Close the hanging curtain for added reclusion.
CBN-DI0214_02 1

Simple solace (1)

A nook like this one can be used for additional sleeping space, or just a window seat to watch the snow falling outside. The design makes good use of an in-between space. Drawers are built underneath for storage and a small reading light is positioned above for late-night reads. Built off the main walkway, this nook allows for cabin traffic to pass by undeterred.

Fireside (2)

This daybed sits snug against the side of a fireplace, making it a very pleasant place to relax. Add a throw blanket and pillows, a mug of something warm, and candles and firelight. What could be more soothing? This small area might otherwise accumulate clutter, but these cabin owners wanted to use every inch they could to get the rustic vibe they wanted at their place.

Take a seat (3)

Sit cross-legged and play a game of cribbage as you relax against a soft pillow in a design like this one. Great for potential extra guests or just for lounging, this cottage-style alcove with white wainscoting is sure to be a favorite spot. A built-in bookshelf makes it very convenient to lose yourself in a good book.

Useful corner (4)

An unused corner of a living room can become a welcome escape. This built-in bed nook bunk becomes a useful piece of furniture. Not only are two extra sleeping spaces added to the cabin, but there are also drawers for storage underneath. Along the backside, adjustable shelves come in handy for books, décor, or for use as a small desk.

Cottage style (5)

For a tight room, paint it white to make it look larger and add a bed nook against the wall with a pull-curtain on a rod. Clean, light-colored linens and a bed skirt will give your nook the serene feeling you desire. Warm up the space with a throw rug and a few well-placed vacation-home objects, like the loon sculpture seen here.

Bunk nook (6)

The grandkids will love climbing into these bunks after a full cabin day. Small individual lamps, comfy accent pillows and warm flannel blankets help the space feel cozy and safe. It is a great idea for a narrow room with a long wall, and the added divider wall provides a little extra privacy for each guest.

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