The Cabincast Podcast: a Must-Listen for Cabin Lovers
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This Podcast Is a Must-Listen for Cabin Lovers

Here’s why The Cabincast is the ultimate companion for long car rides.

Cabincast Podcast
Photo: Jens Kreuter / Unsplash
Unless you live at your cabin full-time, chances are your rustic retreat comes with a drive, whether it’s just outside of town or totally off the grid. Maybe you’ve already got a go-to playlist for the transition from city life to country life, but if not, let us introduce you to the best entertainment yet for cabin lovers. Enter: The Cabincast.
This creative collaboration between Kristin Lenz, designer & lifestyle blogger at White Arrows Home, and Erik Torgeson, jack-of-all-trades at Roughing It In Style, is self-described as “your getaway primer”. In episodes that vary from 30 minutes to one hour, the two cabin aficionados interview fascinating guests (like a wildfire prevention specialist who is also Smokey Bear’s “agent”), reminisce on their own cabin memories, share their latest finds from music to recipes and much more.
From the very first minute, the podcast feels like the equivalent of an afternoon spent catching up with old friends on a cabin porch. (Or maybe the dock, if that’s more your style!). Tune in to their first episode to learn “What the Heck is a Getaway Primer?” and then keep on listening to every episode since for endless inspiration for a life spent off-grid, outdoors, around the fire and in the best place of all: your cabin.
The show is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Learn more at

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