Cabins: Classic to Contemporary
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Cabins: Classic to Contemporary

If you took a visual tour all around cabin country, you'd see many different types and styles of structures. You’d find historic, modern, traditional, log, Adirondack, classic 1950's-era, Western, vintage, whimsical, mountain, Southern, eclectic, and coastal styles... and more. It's clear that cabin life isn't about a particular type of structure; it's about how you feel when you're there. Ranging from classic to contemporary, these getaways evoke the essence of cabin life. Enjoy!

This wilderness lakeside cabin is nestled in old-growth pines and built atop Canadian shield bedrock in Quebec, Canada. Photo courtesy True North Log Homes.

This classic and inviting Adirondack boathouse – complete with birchbark and wood canoes – is at Camp Chipmunk on Lake Placid in New York. Photo by Nancie Battaglia.

This rustic log cabin in Minnesota was built in 1933 using logs from Oregon and has been lovingly maintained. The cabin is virtually surrounded by water. Photo by Doug Ohman.

A modern, bright and airy getaway in the Pacific Northwest. Photo by Will Austin.

A whimsical and interesting cabin named "The Skaboose." Photo courtesy Ross Chapin Architects / Kimball & Landis.

A perfect little red cottage with a wonderfully welcoming garden and porch. Photo courtesy Ross Chapin / The Cottage Co.

A unique, attention-getting handcrafted log cabin in northern Georgia. Photo by reader Kenneth Mucke.

Crab Point is a breezy coastal cottage in Washington state. Photo courtesy Ross Chapin / Richard Epstein Custom Homes.

A well-known landmark in the Adirondacks is the boathouse at Camp Topridge, an historic Adirondack great campbuilt by Marjorie Merriweather Post (founder of General Mills). Photo by Andrew Wellman.

This striking vintage Western cabin, remodeled from a homestead in Montana's Bigfork area, was originally built in the 1890s. Photo by Heidi A. Long.

Lake Toxaway in North Carolina is home to a man-made lake and a thriving and historic cabin community. Photo by Toni Fladmark.

With its retro metal lawn chairs, this bright and cheery red lakeside cabin is a Mid- western 1950's-era classic. Photo by Doug Ohman.

A handcrafted Montana alpine meadow getaway enjoys refreshingly cool breezes. Photo by Roger Wade.

An inviting shake & shingle getaway in Maine. Photo by Todd Caverly.

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