Boating at the Cabin
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Boating at the Cabin

Enjoy getting out on the water with boating at the cabin. Learn about the best boat types of your lifestyle, how to care and maintain your boat, and how to keep your family safe out on the water.

From Ship to Sure: Your Guide to Boats at the Cabin
You know the phrase, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”? Well, where there are cabins and cottages, often there are boats.
The Disease to Know About If You're Near the Water
Leptospirosis is an unseen bacteria that lurks in waters. The odds of it spreading goes up in warmer weather because the disease …
Your Spring Boat Checklist
Prepare your boat for the warmer season with this checklist to ensure you and your family are safe out on the water.
Pontoon Makeover: How to Update a Pontoon Boat
Here's a step-by-step guide on how to breathe new life into your boat by refurbishing the deck & furniture.
10 Reasons It's Time to Buy a New Boat
You may be ready to buy yourself a new boat if...
How to Keep Hands and Feet Warm During Ice Fishing
Follow these tips and tricks to stay warm during your next ice fishing adventure.
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Lake Association Spotlight: Douglas Lake
Does your lake have an association that’s improving water quality like Douglas Lake?
Boat Lifts, Canopies & Curtains
This is some cool stuff! Get inspired about boat lifts, canopies & curtains and start having fun on the water at your cabin.
What to Do When Your Boat Motor Sputters
Should you replace your tired outboard with a newer model or rebuild that boat motor?
The Best Power Boat for Your Cabin
From an expert: how to make sense of all the choices for the best power boat.
Electric Boats
Imagine not having to lug gas jugs down to the dock. Electric boats are becoming more of a reality, and it may be time for you to…
Berenstain Boating: Stay Safe on the Water
What not to do when you’re out on the boat and a lesson staying safe on the water.
Fueling Up Your Cabin Boat
Tips for safe and convenient filling the cabin boat at the lake or in town.
Enjoying a Day on the Lake
Essentials for safety and enjoyment for a day at the lake.
What You Need to Know About Life Jackets
Who will be using it and how determines which style of life jacket is the right choice.
Deck Boats for the Cabin
Four deck boats for the cabin that offer the maximum capacity for family, friends and fun!
Cabin Boat Buying Made Easy
How to decide between new and used for your cabin boat.
Designing the Best Dock For Your Cabin
Step up your shoreline with these smart strategies for dock design.

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