Build Your Dream Cabin
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Build Your Dream Cabin

Build your dream cabin right. We cover everything from the best cabin construction tips from industry experts to customizing a floor plan that works for you and your family.

What Buyers Should Know About Tiny Home Kits
Research and spend your money wisely and find a home that properly suits yourself and your family.
Great Homes Come in Small Packages
These 8 favorite floor plans – all less than 2,000 square feet – prove that downsizing doesn’t sacrifice form OR function.
Cabin Renovations for Ultimate Warm Weather Fun
Let’s explore some effective approaches to cabin renovations for ultimate spring and summer activities.
Do You Know the Cabin Guy?
Meet one YouTuber who’s using his channel to chronicle his backyard cabin building journey.
3 Keys to Designing a Flawless Retreat
Keep these three guiding principles in mind when planning your perfect getaway.
Our Best Sustainable Cabin Construction Tips
Save money by building or renovating with materials that will stand the test of time
Virtual Home Show - Spring & Summer 2020
Join the ALL NEW 2020 Spring & Summer Virtual Home Show!
A Fall Guide to Missoula, Montana
A Fall Guide to Missoula, Montana
Residents of Missoula, Montana hit the outdoors during the fall to enjoy what this river town has to offer.
What is a Systems-Built Cabin?
Looking for a cabin or cottage with advantages? Systems-built construction may be just what you need.
Road Trip Guide: Flathead Lake in Western Montana
Road Trip Guide: Flathead Lake in Western Montana
A quick two-hour drive from Missoula, Flathead Lake is one dreamy road trip destination!
Why Sitka, Alaska is the Perfect Place to Build a Seaside Cabin
Why Sitka, Alaska is the Perfect Place to Build a Seaside Cabin
Read on to find out why Sitka, Alaska is the perfect place to build your rugged, seaside cabin along its stunning shoreline.
How a Couple Finally Built Their Dream Cabin
Cindy Brown and her husband drooled over a lake-front property for years before finally buying the land and building the cabin of their dreams.
Build Your Dream Home!
Learn everything you need to know about building your dream log and timber home.
Building a Yurt? Find Inspiration for Your Design
Here are some extra photos of a couple who built a cozy Alaskan yurt.
The Perks of Building a Cabin Tower
The Perks of Building a Cabin Tower
To capture views, nothing beats cabin towers.
Room to Grow: How to Add a Cabin Addition
Additions to a cabin can multiply the fun for the entire family by providing everyone with a space of their own.
Why Puget Sound, Port Orchard is the Perfect Place to Build a Cabin
Why Puget Sound, Port Orchard is the Perfect Place to Build a Cabin
This little city in Washington is perfect for all kinds of families looking to start their cabin life on the coastal shore.
What is a Log Cabin?
An outline of what distinguishes log cabins from other kinds of cabins.

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