Cabin Financing + Budgeting
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Cabin Financing + Budgeting

Manage your cabin finances and plan out a budget that works for your family. We answer your questions on estate planning, how to save for a cabin addition, and passing down your cabin to future generation.

What to Consider When Choosing Insurance For Your Cabin
How do you choose what coverage to get? What should you know about policies for cabins before selecting? Here’s what to expect.
Considerations for Buying a Cabin on a Budget
Let’s talk about the costs associated with buying a cabin and the decision to buy new, find a fixer-upper or build your own.
Virtual Home Show - Spring & Summer 2020
Join the ALL NEW 2020 Spring & Summer Virtual Home Show!
Cabin Insurance Considerations
Here's what you need to know to protect your remote property during a renovation:
Here's How One Cabin Owner Stayed Debt-Free While Building Her Dream Getaway
With a bit of ingenuity and patience, this Washington woman shows us how she was able to create her dream cabins on a budget.
How One Family Built A Yurt
Dreaming of a yurt? One family shares how they built an unplugged Yurt in Adirondacks.
How to Fund Cabin Construction
What you need to know about funding the construction of your new cabin.
Tips to Consider: Building A Cabin Yourself
Tips and advice to consider before you take the plunge on building a cabin yourself
Are You ACTUALLY Ready to Build Your Dream Cabin?
It's important to ask yourself is you're actually ready to build your dream cabin before the process start and how much finishing…
Cost-Effective Cabin Ownership
Buying a cabin retreat on leased land.
Shop Smart Before Buying a Cabin
Here’s what you need to know about buying a cabin package.
Borrowing Money to Rebuild or Remodel a Cabin
Is it possible in today’s financial climate to borrow money to rebuild or remodel your cabin?
Our Best Ideas for Building on a Budget
Here are our top tips for saving money when building or renovating your dream cabin.
Financial Planning for the Future
A little financial planning goes a long way toward preserving a lifetime of memories.
Tips for Siting Your Cabin
Even if it's love at first “site,” don’t rush into construction.
How to Buy Lakeshore
Learn all you can about your potential lake before you make an offer.
Managing a Family Cabin with Multiple Owners
The best way to plan for the maintenance and legacy of a family cabin with multiple owners for generations to come is to set up a…
Passing Down the Family Cabin
A little financial planning goes a long way toward preserving a lifetime of memories, as well as your investment.

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