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Discover cabin decor tips, learn about cabin construction and the building process, tour dream cabins, maintain your cottage, and enjoy the cabin lifestyle you know and love.

A Place to be Unplugged, but Not Offline
Check in at this New York rental cabin, where smart-home technology proves you don’t have to disconnect to reconnect with nature.
Why Is There a Surge in Cabin and Vacation Homeownership?
Here's what you should know about current trends for cabin and vacation homes within today's unexpected real estate market, plus …
How to Plan a Romantic Cabin Getaway
While some may prefer booking a hotel room, an intimate retreat in the woods might be more appealing if you love nature and outdo…
Try Before You Buy
Considering a cabin of your own? Book a getaway at one of these rental retreats and sample the lifestyle for a weekend.
These Michigan Lake Houses are a Welcome Summer Respite
As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, these picturesque retreats come alive with the vibrant energy of the season.
It's a Family Affair at this West Virginia Rental
Here’s what keeps generations of guests coming back to this West Virginia getaway.
Our Favorite Hidden Gem Camping Spots in the United States
Here are some of the best locations off the beaten path to secure a camping spot and experience something unique.
The Perfect Rentals for Warmer Weather
Whether you live in a cabin full-time or want to test one out for the weekend, enjoy the comfort of cabin living across the count…
How to Plan the Ultimate Romantic Cabin Getaway
Use this guide to plan the ultimate romantic cabin getaway to make incredible memories in honor of Valentine’s Day and beyond.
This Cabin is Where City Meets Country
In more ways than one, this charming mountain cabin offers something for everyone.
How to Make the Most of Your Pennsylvania Cabin Vacation
Instead of being cooped up in a tiny hotel room, you have an entire home away from home with a cabin rental. Here are four tips f…
The Most Popular Rental Cabins in Every State
When it comes to a place to enjoy summer activities, sometimes leaving home can add to the excitement. We’ve found some of the hi…
The Tradition Behind Saunas
To the uninitiated, it may seem strange and even mysterious, this steamy, dark hobby. But for a growing number of enthusiasts, sa…
Quintessential Cabin Country: Northern Minnesota
Dominated by vast expanses of state and national parks, laced with lakes surrounded by vast expanses of pine, and mostly empty, M…
Rental Cabins With Fall Foliage
The Best Vacation Cabins for Leaf Peeping
Hit the road this fall and post up in one of these dreamy cabins where showstopping displays of fall color are right outside your…
Why Northern Michigan Is a Must-Visit Destination for Cabin Lovers
This cabin connoisseur has traveled all over the world touring rustic getaways. Here's why her humble home state still takes top …
Romantic Cabins for Two

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