Energy-Saving Solutions for the Cabin
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Energy-Saving Solutions for the Cabin

Make your cabin eco-conscious with energy-saving solutions that help the environment and your wallet. Learn about the benefits of solar power, alternative plumbing and how to live off-the-grid.

Being Energy Efficient Amid Chillingly High Heating Costs This Winter
The average cost of home heating is expected to increase by 17.2% since last winter, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association.
Our Best Sustainable Cabin Construction Tips
Save money by building or renovating with materials that will stand the test of time
3 Things to Keep in Mind When Going Off-Grid
If you’re thinking of going off-the-grid, there are a few important points to consider.
How to Make Your Basement Floors Warmer This Winter
Do you have a cold and unattractive basement? Add this barrier to keep your place warmer.
What is a Systems-Built Cabin?
Looking for a cabin or cottage with advantages? Systems-built construction may be just what you need.
Find the Best Air Conditioner for Your Cabin this Summer
The Best Air Conditioner for Your Cabin this Summer
We’ve put together an air conditioner guide to help you best equip your home's rising temperatures this summer.
5 Reasons You Need a Compost Toilet
Compost toilets offer a solution to those who wish to maintain a small carbon footprint. Learn about the benefits to choosing this type of sewage system.
Are Timber Cabins Energy Efficient?
Craving the cabin lifestyle, but worried about the environmental impact? Find out how timber cabins are becoming a popular choi...
Are Log Cabins Energy Efficient?
Craving the cabin lifestyle, but worried about the environmental impact? Log cabins are a perfect solution for any family looki...
A Grounded, Off-Grid Cabin
Getting the most from an off-grid retreat.
Small Cabin Heaters: What Are Your Options?
Need some suggestions for heating your cabin when it gets cold? Here are some tips for choosing the right small cabin heaters for your lifestyle.
Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Cabin
You don’t have to be building from the ground up to make your retreat more energy efficient. Steal a few tips from this energy ...
The Efficient Cabin
How to Build & Enjoy an Outdoor Solar Shower
An outdoor solar powered shower is appealing to the cabin owner because of its simplicity.
Quiet Generators for the Cabin
Is a propane generator quieter for your cabin?
10 Trends in Green Design
Tips and tricks that are definitely worth a try to improve both your cabin's efficiency and your health:
Outhouse for an Off-Grid Cabin
Tips for Building & Owning an Off-the-Grid Cabin
Why would an experienced home builder decide to build a tiny off-grid cabin for his family? The answer starts with 120 acres, a...
Retrofit Your Cabin for Energy Efficiency
Retrofit Your Cabin for Energy Efficiency
From quick fixes to major projects, you can save major money and have a more energy efficient cabin.

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