Gardening at the Cabin
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Gardening at the Cabin

Growing a garden at the cabin is an excellent way to eat clean, organic foods and how to live off-grid. Learn how to maintain a garden that keeps pests away, the best fruits and vegetables for your region, and how to set up a garden that lasts for generations.

Compact Gardening: Maximizing Space in Your Cabin Yard
With the right approach, you can transform even the tiniest of yards into a flourishing green retreat.
Get Growing with Greenhouses
Backyard greenhouses give you a jump-start on your fruits, veggies and flowers, as well as extend your growing season long afte…
Planting for Pollinators
Boost the biodiversity of your landscape with these six easy tips.
The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Food at the Cabin
The Ultimate Guide to Cabin and Cottage Gardens
Here's how to get that classic, casual look for your own garden.
4 Ideas to Transform Your Storage Shed Into an Inspiring Space
Four smart ways you can easily update a simple shed into a backyard getaway:
5 Tips for Raking this Fall
When the leaves start falling, it's time to start raking! Follow these raking tips to keep your outdoor space tidy this season.
Your Fall Yard Maintenance Checklist
Use these seasonal and regional tips to get your garden in shape for the season.
Why Do Leaves Change During Fall?
Why do we see such beautiful foliage in the fall? We reveal the biology behind why the leaves change color every year.
3 Tips for Fall Planting
If you haven’t scoped out the great fall bargains or done any fall rearranging, now’s the time. Keep these three tips in mind to …
Your Seasonal Garden Checklist
We’ve pulled together all the information you need to keep your garden looking good, season after season
Utilize Your Patio Space For Year-Round Comfort
No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a relaxing area to entertain year round. Follow these tips and tr…
3 Easy-Care Roses
3 Easy-Care Roses for the Cabin
These easy to take care of roses will survive anything you throw at them and are perfect for busy cabin owners.
Sensational Garden Seating
The Best Garden Seating Options for the Cabin
Create a peaceful oasis at your cabin with these trendy garden seating ideas that will make your yard stand out.
How to Prune a Lilac
This spring, spruce up your shrubs by properly pruning them. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
How to Keep Leaves From Falling Off Your Houseplants
Learn how to keep the leaves on your houseplants intact—no matter the season.
6 Steps to Building a Flower Bed
Follow these 6 easy to steps to create the best flower bed for your garden.
DIY Deck Planters
These inexpensive planters are easy to customize and will give your deck a personalized touch.

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