Hiking at the Cabin
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Hiking at the Cabin

Enjoy the endless trails and wilderness that surrounds your cabin through hiking. Spice things up and try geocaching and activities like scavenger hunts to keep everyone entertained.

The 16 Best Places To Catch Leaf Change This Fall
As the countryside hues shift from summer greens to autumn bronzes, grab your mittens and favorite pair of wellies to check out our top 16 places to catch the leaf change around the country this autumn.
Fire Restrictions: What Does a Fire Ban Mean?
Fire Restrictions: What Does a Fire Ban Mean?
The United States Forest Service uses its fire restriction and fire ban system to stop dangerous activities when the risk of st...
The Best Weekend Backpack to Take to the Cabin
The Best Weekend Backpack to Take to the Cabin
Finding a backpack that conveniently carries all your things—while still looking fashionable—for that quick weekend getaway at ...
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Not everyone can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. Here are some of the best tools to help ignite the spark.
The 5 Best Campfire Lays and How to Build Them
A campfire lay, the method used to assemble a campfire before lighting it, determines how that fire will burn. Learn about the ...
4 Steps to Safely Building a Campfire
Whether you’re a hardened survivalist, an experienced camper, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, anyone can appreciate the b...
The Top 9 U.S. National Park Hikes
From the rolling hills of Virginia all the way to the tallest mountains in Washington, here are some of the most remarkable U.S...
The Foolproof Four: Edible Wild Mushrooms
Teresa Marrone is the coauthor of two mushroom field guides. Here, she introduces us to a few edible wild mushrooms frequently ...
Geocaching Adventures at the Cabin
Grab your GPS and head into the wild. Geocaching is fun - let the treasure hunt begin!
What to Do If You Get Lost While Hiking
Spend enough time exploring the great outdoors, and chances are you’re going to get lost sometime. But follow the these tips, a...
How to Choose the Right Bug Repellent
For your next outdoor adventure, make sure you choose the right kind of bug spray for your needs.
The Secret to Spectacular Fall Colors
Everyone loves a beautiful fall season. But why are some years good for fall colors, when others are not?
Tick-Borne Illnesses & Diseases
Everything you need to know about ticks and how to prevent them from harming you and your loved ones.
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Before you go snowshoeing, make sure you choose the right pair for your winter adventure.
Staying Safe Hiking and Exploring in the Mountains
Preparation and safety are the keys to a positive outdoor experience. Take the time to prepare correctly and you’ll have a much...
Top Tips for Autumn Hiking
Just because summer is coming to a close does not mean the outdoor adventures have to stop. Discover why autumn hiking is the b...
10 Great Hiking Trails in the U.S.
One of the best things about remote cabins, cottages, camps and lakehomes is that they are never far from a good wilderness path.
Book Review: "A Twist of Lyme: Battling a Disease That Doesn't Exist" by Andrea H. Caesar
"A Twist of Lyme: Battling a Disease That Doesn't Exist" by Andrea H. Caesar is an eye-opening book that documents Caesar's journey through life with lyme disease.

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