Hosting Family + Friends at the Cabin
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Hosting Family + Friends at the Cabin

You probably bought your cabin mindful of family and friends coming to share in the cabin life activities. The responsibility of hosting family and friends doesn't have to be overwhelming; our tips and tricks on sleeping arrangements and how to share in the workload can make the experience enjoyable for all.

Tips for Hosting Memorable Cabin Gatherings This Spring
The beauty of a springtime celebration is that there are various ways to entertain and have a good time.
Planning an Unforgettable Birthday Party at the Cabin
Learn how to make the right preparations for your cabin birthday party to be a smash hit for everyone involved.
Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves
Creating a fun outdoor hangout spot doesn’t need to be hard. Mix and match our favorite items to achieve the open-air entertainin…
Holiday Decor for Cabins
Our Favorite Holiday Decor Finds for Cabins
The holidays are the most magical time of year at the cabin! We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite decor finds that are must-haves …
Personalized Gift Ideas
Gift Guide: Personalized Cabin Gifts
Gift Guide: Adventurous Spirits
Gift Guide: For the Adventurous Spirit
The best gift ideas for the friend who always says yes to adventure.
Essentials for Hosting the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night
Your how-to guide for hosting a perfect screening under the stars.
Decor for the Fourth of July
Patriotic Finds for the Fourth of July
These affordable decor ideas add a patriotic pop for July Fourth cabin festivities.
Csn Cabinlife Ultimateholidayfeast1
The Ultimate Holiday Feast at the Cabin
A classic holiday feast from our friends at Cuisine at Home. This collection of recipes is all you need to make your meal memorab…
Summer Cocktails at the Cabin
Cool off with these refreshing, ice cold drinks from our friends at Cuisine at Home.
Grilling with Dad at the Cabin
These recipes from our friends at Cuisine at Home make for the perfect dinners for dad.
Cabin Recipes - Croque Monsieur Strata
Breakfast at the Cabin
Hot & Hearty breakfasts from our friends at Cuisine at Home. Give the bagels and cream cheese a rest and try one of these five sw…
The 4 Essentials for Porch Parties
Whether you’re having friends over for a drink or serving dinner to a crowd, make sure you keep your loved ones warm and cozy all…
The 8 Best Board Games to Play at the Cabin
While you’re at the cabin, there’s a good chance you want to spend most of your time outside. Nature rules at the cabin, but the weather doesn’t always feel that way. If the weather doesn't go as planned on your next cabin getaway, make sure you have these board games at the ready to stay unplugged.
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Not everyone can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. Here are some of the best tools to help ignite the spark.
How To Start a Fire Without Matches
Even the most experienced outdoors enthusiasts may find themselves stranded from time to time with no means to start a fire. This…
3 Sparkling Wines for Early Spring
Here are three sparkling wines perfect for early spring that cost under $30 a bottle.
Homemade Valentine's Day Truffles
Save some money this Valentine's Day by making your own chocolate truffles. Nothing says I love you more than a homemade gift!

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