Outdoor Entertaining
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Outdoor Entertaining at the Cabin

Being outside and enjoying nature is the point of cabin living, right? And your guests probably feel the same way, too. Outdoor entertaining is a great way to relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life. We feature grilling tips, fire pit festivities and outdoor dining options so great, friends and family might never want to leave.

Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves
Creating a fun outdoor hangout spot doesn’t need to be hard. Mix and match our favorite items to achieve the open-air entertaining space of your dreams.
Outdoor Movie Night at the Cabin
Essentials for Hosting the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night
Your how-to guide for hosting a perfect screening under the stars.
The 4 Essentials for Porch Parties
Whether you’re having friends over for a drink or serving dinner to a crowd, make sure you keep your loved ones warm and cozy a...
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Not everyone can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. Here are some of the best tools to help ignite the spark.
How To Start a Fire Without Matches
Even the most experienced outdoors enthusiasts may find themselves stranded from time to time with no means to start a fire. Th...
Cooking at the Cabin: Freshly Caught Fish
Shore lunch at the cabin or wherever you happen to be.
Creative Fire Pit Ideas for the Cabin
Take a look at these outdoor living space designs to see what inspires you.
5 Paths to an Affordable Outdoor Kitchen
You can create a deluxe food prep, grilling & entertaining space on your deck or patio without breaking the bank.
Light Up Your Winter Outdoors
Don't let winter's chill put a freeze on your outdoor entertaining plans!
We asked our readers to send in photos of them enjoying their pontoons, and they did not disappoint! Check out how they spend time on the water.
Solar Cooking Tips & Recipes
Eco-friendly Dining

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