Plumbing + Septic Maintenance at the Cabin
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Plumbing + Septic Maintenance

Maintain your plumbing and septic system to keep everything in working order. We also answer questions about alternative septic options and how to install these systems.

Composting Toilets: What to Know
The good news is that composting toilets are affordable, easy to install, quite pleasant to use, and designed for small spaces.
5 Reasons You Need a Compost Toilet
Compost toilets offer a solution to those who wish to maintain a small carbon footprint. Learn about the benefits to choosing thi…
Mound Septic Systems for the Cabin
Tips for landscaping on your mound for your cabin's septic system.
The Waterline Puzzle: How to Get Lake Water Without the Water Line Freezing
Hoping to winterize the cottage but have not figured out a way to get water from the lake to the house without the water line fre…
Winterizing the Cabin: Preventing Frozen Pipes
What Are the Alternatives to Septic Systems?
A reader writes in inquiring about waste-system options for a tricky lakefront lot.
Reader's Tip: Winterizing a Washing Machine
Maintaining the Outhouse: How to Treat Outhouse Waste
Learn how to properly maintain the outhouse at your cabin. We cover how to treat the waste in an outhouse in an environmentally s…
Fire Pit Near Septic Area
How to Prevent and Treat Mold and Mildew in Cabin Bathrooms
A few simple steps to prevent unwanted mold and mildew in your bathroom.
Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
Expert tips for ensuring your aqua is A-OK
Environmentally Friendly Toilets
Composting and incinerating toilets can be a practical, economical and eco-friendly choice for cabin owners.
The Essential Guide to Composting vs. Incinerating Toilets
Can’t decide between a composting or incinerating toilet? Learn which kind is best for your cabin.
How to Pump Lake Water for an Outdoor Faucet
Hydro Power
12 Strategies for a Trouble-Free Septic System
Winterizing Tips
Septic System Poetry

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