Sleeping a Crowd
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Sleeping a Crowd

Cabins often are not large homes; so sleeping a crowd might prove difficult. We offer some advice on how to keep everyone comfortable when things get a little cramped.

Built-Ins, Bunk Beds, and Other Cabin Space Savers
Make the most of every square inch in your cabin–even tiny niches and nooks. From banquettes to window seats to built-in beds, here are a few ideas to make your small space work for you.
Sleeping Bags for Guests
Here's a guide to finding the best sleeping bags for your guests!
Solutions for Sleeping a Crowd
All the relatives sleeping over? No worries! We've got you covered.
What's Your Cabin's Sleep Number?
Need more beds in your cabin? We've got solutions.
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How to Add Guest Space Over the Garage
Get inspired with these tips to max out your sleeping space at the cabin.
Best Ways to Build with Young Children in Mind
Make sure your cabin is safe for people of all ages so everyone can have fun!

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