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Nature + Wildlife

Most likely there are lots of critters that also reside and enjoy the benefits of your property—some welcome and some not. Learn about the animals in your region, how to get rid of unwanted animals at the cabins, and how to peacefully live in harmony with your furry neighbors.

The Secret Life of Leeches
You probably have a leech story of your own, or if you're an angler, a white Styrofoam container of leeches waiting for a fishing trip.
Cabins and the Cosmos: An ultimate guide for stargazing at the cabin
Whether your retreat is tucked far away from civilization or in the suburbs, taking the time to step outside and explore the expa…
Cabin Stargazing Tips
How Stargazing at Your Cabin Helps Scientists
Here's how an evening on the porch can help expand our understanding of the universe.
The Best-Kept Local Secrets in Jackson Hole
Straight from a local, here's how to escape the crowds and to experience the unique character of Jackson Hole:
Q&A: Fly Fishing in Montana With David Detrick
From his favorite spots to beginner tips, here's a peek inside the world of this expert angler:
How to Deal with Bats at the Cabin
If you are experiencing a bat infestation at the cabin, make sure to follow these tips and tricks to help you manage them.
How to Deal with Snakes at the Cabin
If snakes are invading your cabin garden, follow these tips on how to deal with them effectively.
How to Watch Out for Scale Insects This Fall
What are scale insects and why should you keep an eye out for them this fall?
How to Deal with Chipmunks at the Cabin
Whether you love them or hate them, follow these tips for how do deal with chipmunks in your cabin garden.
DIY a Covered Bird Seed Tray
DIY a Covered Bird Seed Tray
Keep the neighborhood birds happy with this unique and easy-to-build feeder.
Why Do Leaves Change During Fall?
Why do we see such beautiful foliage in the fall? We reveal the biology behind why the leaves change color every year.
The 16 Best Places To Catch Leaf Change This Fall
As the countryside hues shift from summer greens to autumn bronzes, grab your mittens and favorite pair of wellies to check out o…
3 Tips for Fall Planting
If you haven’t scoped out the great fall bargains or done any fall rearranging, now’s the time. Keep these three tips in mind to …
The Disease to Know About If You're Near the Water
Leptospirosis is an unseen bacteria that lurks in waters. The odds of it spreading goes up in warmer weather because the disease …
The Right Place to Put a Bird Feeder
The perfect place to put a bird feeder isn't as easy to figure out as you might think.
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Our Favorite Fire-Making Tools
Not everyone can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. Here are some of the best tools to help ignite the spark.
How To Start a Fire Without Matches
Even the most experienced outdoors enthusiasts may find themselves stranded from time to time with no means to start a fire. This…
Why Sitka, Alaska is the Perfect Place to Build a Seaside Cabin
Why Sitka, Alaska is the Perfect Place to Build a Seaside Cabin
Read on to find out why Sitka, Alaska is the perfect place to build your rugged, seaside cabin along its stunning shoreline.

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