Caulking 101
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Caulking 101

A crash course that help your get your caulking done right.

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Caulking 101

Yeah, we get it: caulking isn't on your bucket list. That's why you need this info. You want to know how to caulk and how to do it right the first time, so you don't have to do it again. Consider this a necessary crash course that will help you get things done right so you can focus on your actual bucket list not on your caulking to-do list.

But first, you should probably know: why bother to caulk in the first place?

It's simple: to keep the outdoors and the indoors inside. The average home has air leaks equivalent to leaving open a three square window all the time. And when you follow the guidelines below, you'll save money and time, avoid headaches, and look darn good doing it.

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Can I choose my stain color from a color chart?

Please -- for the sake of the picture in your mind's eye that you've been planning for years and years -- do NOT just choose your color based on the color chart.

The same stain will look different on every home due to the age and type of wood, kind of prep done before stain, etc. Instead, get samply from various stain manufacturers. Then, follow the instructions below to ensure you end up with the color you actually want.

Read on to learn how to apply stain samples.

Published on: April 5th, 2018

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