Craft Root Beer Options for Everyone
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Craft Root Beer Options for Everyone

Root beer has a long history, and it's coming back in style.


America's most beloved nostalgic beverage – root beer – is fresh off a makeover. Mimicking the industrious ingenuity seen in the craft-beer industry over the past decade, craft root beers are now on store shelves across the country. Boasting notes of anise, licorice, vanilla and mild spices, each recipe from different soda makers has its own twist, some relying on organic or locally grown ingredients, but all take root beer to the next level.

To pair with grilled pizzas on a cool night, uncap a few bottles of root beer and either host a tasting of root beer flights or offer guests and the kids a variety of choices. Sipped alongside the BLT pizza recipe shown here, the result is magical: root beer’s intense notes stack up well to the decadent trifecta of richness in this recipe (ranch dressing, bacon and cheese).

Serving Tip

Root beer floats are fun for all ages. Choose vanilla bean ice cream for intense vanilla flavors to encourage the root beer’s toasted notes to truly shine on the palate. A few hours before serving, chill heavy glass stein mugs in the refrigerator to help lock in the cold temperature and keep the ice cream from melting.

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